Terms related to seismic or earthquakes

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 16:06
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Following are the different terms related to seismic or earthquakes


The branch of science which deals with the study of earthquake is known as seismology.


The earthquake is a result of various waves known as seismic waves. The instrument which is used to observe these waves is known as seismograph.


The seismic waves are in a specific arrangement. The graph representing these arrangements is known as seismogram.

Seismic center:

The point from which an earth quake is originated is known as seismic center.


Above a focus vertically there is a point which is known as epicenter.

Anti centre:

The point which is opposite in direction to epicenter is known as anti center.

Intensity of earthquake:

Intensity of an earthquake is defined as the destruction caused by earth quake.

Isoseismal lines:

When earth quake is recorded then a line is drawn to show earth quakes of equal intensity these lines are known as isoseismal lines.

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