Why irrigation is required | Factors governing necessity of irrigation

Sunday, January 27, 2013 19:37
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Why irrigation is required ?

Water requirements for crops vary from place to place depending upon nature of crops and site. In some areas there is no need of irrigation because the conditions are fulfilled by natural resouce i.e rainfall.

Because the population is increasing day by day and demand of more food, irrigation has become necessary. If the area is in arid zone and do not have evenly distributed rainfall, then this large area can be brought under cultivation because of irrigation by means of artificial application of water.

Irrigation is required for the following purposes.

  1. Irrigation is required for normal growth and yield of the plants and crops.
  2. For metabolic processes of the plant.
  3. To reduce the soil temperature.
  4. For easy germination of seed from the soil.
  5. Irrigation water acts as a medium for the transport of nutrients and photosynthesis in the plant system.
  6. To provide insurance against short duration drought.
  7. To wash out and dilute the salts in the soil.
  8. To reduce the hazard of soil piping.
  9. To soften tillage pans.

Factors governing necessity of irrigation

Following are the factors for determining the need for irrigation.

  1. Insufficient rainfall.
  2. Un-even distribution of rainfall.
  3. Improvement of perennial crops.
  4. Development of agriculture in desert area.
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