Classification of Canals based on discharge of canal

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Classification of Canals based on discharge of canal

Classification of canals on the basis of discharge are as follows:

  1. Main canal.
  2. Branch canal.
  3. Distributory canal.
  4. Minor canal.
  5. Water courses/Feeder channels.

Main Canal

Canals having discharge greater than 10 cumecs are called as main canals.

  1. A main canal carries discharge directly from river.
  2. It carries large amount of water and cannot be used for direct irrigation.
  3. Main canal supplies water to the branch canals.

Branch canal

Canals having discharge in the range of 5-10 cumecs are called as branch canals.

  1. These are the branches of main canal in either direction at regular intervals.
  2. Branch canals also do not carry out direct irrigation but sometimes direct outlets are provided.
  3. Branch canals are actually the feeders for major and minor distributories.

Distributory canal

Canals having discharge 0.25-3 cumecs are called Distributory canal.

They are further divided into two types:

  1. Major Distributory.
  2. Minor Distributory.

Major distributory

These take off water from branch canals. Sometimes they may get supply from main canal but their discharge is less than branch canal. These are irrigation channels because they supply water to the field directly through outlets.

Minor distributories

Canals in which discharge varies from 0.25-3 cumecs are called as minor distributories.

  1. These take off from major distributory or sometimes may get supply from branch canal.
  2. They also provided water to the courses through outlets provided along with them.
  3. The discharge in major distributory is less than in the major distributories.

Field channels ( water courses )

These are the small channels which ultimately feed water to the irrigation fields.

  1. The discharge in water courses is less than 0.25 cumecs.
  2. Depending upon the extent of irrigation, a field channel may take off from a major distributory or minor.
  3. Sometimes, it may even take off water from the branch canal for the field situated very near to the branch canal.

All of the above are classification of canals based on discharge of canals.

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