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Saturday, September 17, 2011 8:46
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Traffic engineering:

The type of engineering which deals with the improvement of traffic regulation is known as traffic engineering.

Traffic signs:

Such signs which are used for controlling traffic are known as traffic signs.

Classes of traffic signs:

  • Mandatory signs
  • Alerting signs
  • Guide signs

Traffic signals:

Such a type of signals which are functioned for controlling flow of traffic properly is known as traffic signals. These are functioned electronically.

Purpose of traffic signals:

Following are the purposes.

  • For an organized movement of traffic
  • To avoid accidents traffic signals are made
  • To reduce speed of over speed vehicles
  • To regulate traffic in different directions

Types of signals:

  • Traffic control signals
  • Pedestrian signals
  • Special traffic signals

Traffic control signals:

The type of signals which are of fixed timing is known as traffic control signals.

Special traffic signals:

Traffic signals at draw bridges exhibit special type signals.

Signal systems:

Traffic signals are of the following types:

  • Simultaneous systems.
  • Alternating system.
  • Simple system.
  • Fluctuating systems.
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