Definition of road | Difference between Highway and Motorway

Saturday, February 9, 2013 15:42
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Road is defined as

An artificial open way for vehicles used for the purpose of transportation.


Highway may be defined as

Roads maintained and supervised by certain authority are known as highways.

It is usually a main direct road.


The highway having specified points for entry and leaving along with safe boundary or barbet wire is known as motorway.

 Barbet wire is provided to avoid any accident from animal life. All the disturbing vehicles are not allowed on motorway.


A multilane highway as an expressway or turnpike designed for high-speed traffjc.

Difference between motorway and highway

In highways, barbet wire or fence or boundary is not provided. Whereas, in motorway, boundary or fence is provided, so that animals and other traffic may not enter the road, as the speed is high on motorways. There is specific point of entry and leaving the motorway. Whereas in highways, people from small villages may enter on the road. But this may interrupt the traffic and accidents may occur.

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