Definition of bitumen or Asphalt

Thursday, February 21, 2013 21:58
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Asphalt or Bitumen

The asphalt institute describes asphalt as

Strong cement, readily adhesive, highly water proof and durable. It is a plastic substance which imparts controllable flexibility to mixtures of mineral aggregates with which it is usually combined. Although it is solid or semi solid at ordinary atmospheric temperatures, Asphalt may be readily liquefied by the application of heat.”

  1. It is classified as a bituminous cement. This term refers to the fact that it consists of hydrocarbons.
  2. It is a hydrocarbon, which is soluble in patrol.
  3. It is semi solid having adhesive property.
  4. It is soluble in try chloro ethylene.
  5. It is excellent binder in the road construction work.
  6. Sometimes it is also used to control dampness, So it act as dampness controlling agent.
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