Components of a city road

Saturday, September 17, 2011 9:01
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Components of a city road:

There are following components of a city road.

Right of way:

When a road is built then for its further alignment some area is used which is known as right of way.

Formation width:

It is also known as road way. The highest point width and bottom most width extracting those of side drains is known as road way or formation width.

Carriage way:

The type of roads which is used by wheel type machinery is known as carriage way.


The highest point on road is known as crown.

Cross slope:

Rise of midpoint of carriage way is known as cross slope.


To divide the traffic in two directions is known as divider or separator.


Shoulders are provided at both edges at highways. It provides supports to base material. If some vehicle gets out of order on highway then it is parked at shoulders

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