Plane Surveying

Sunday, August 15, 2010 3:17
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Definition of Plane survey :

The type of survey in which curvature of earth is not taken into account,as the survey is extend over small areas, is known as the plane Survey.

  • This is called  plane survey because the Earth’s surface is considered to be Plane in this kind of Survey.
  • The line connecting any two points will be the straight line and the angles thus formed are also plane angles.
  • It therefore involves knowledge of Geometry and plane trigonometry.
  • The accuracy required for this type of survey is comparatively low as compare to Geodetic surveying.
  • American Surveyors put the limit of 250 sq km for treating Survey as a plane survey.
  • However degree of precision is also very important.
  • If high precision is required then the survey should be Geodetic otherwise for low precision we can prefer plane survey.
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