Objectives of triangulation | Classification of Triangulation System

Sunday, September 18, 2011 22:18
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Objectives of triangulation:

The main objective of triangulation is to provide a number of stations whose relative and absolute positions, horizontal as well as vertical, are accurately established. More detailed survey is then carried out from these stations.Further objectives are given below

1. To establish accurate control for plane and geodetic survey of large areas.

2. To establish accurate control for photogrammetric survey.

3. To determine accurate locations of points in engineering works.

Classification of Triangulation System:

Based on the extent and purpose of the survey, and consequently on the degree of accuracy desired, triangulation survey is classified as

  • First order (primary)
  • Second order (secondary)
  • Third order (tertiary)

First order

It is used to determine the shape and the size of the earth or cover vast area like whole country with control points.

Second order

It is used to cover areas of a region, small country, province. It Consists of network within the first order.

Third order

It serves the purpose of furnishing the immediate control of detailed engineering and location survey.

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