Slope stability analysis methods | Sliding Surface Method

Sunday, August 28, 2011 13:09
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Slope stability analysis methods:

Many methods of analyzing the slope stability are available but usually all these available methods are divided into following three categories:

  1. Sliding surface method
  2. Limit analysis method
  3. Finite element method (FEM)

Sliding Surface Method:

The validity of column’s law failure should be assumed for all these methods. Luckily most of the methods currently in use fall under this category of method. Load deformation characteristics are not taken into account. Following are some of the steps which are performed in this method:

  • Choose an Assumed failure plain.
  • Calculate the sheer length along the assumed failure plane.
  • Compute the Disturbing movements (MD) and the resisting movements (MR).
  • Safety factor is calculated as:

FOS = (resisting moment MR) / (disturbing moment MD)

  • The failure plain with least FOS is located, for this purpose a no. of failure planes are tried.
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