Importance of shear strength of soil

Saturday, September 24, 2011 22:42
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Importance of shear strength of soil

The knowledge of shear strength is very important some of the uses are provided below:

  • In the design of foundations the evaluation of bearing capacity is dependent on the shear strength.
  • For the design of embankments for dams, roads, pavements, excavations, levees etc. The analysis of the stability of the slope is done using shear strength.
  • In the design of earth retaining structures like retaining walls, sheetpile coffer dams, bulks heads, and other underground structures etc.

The shear strength of a soil mass is essentially made up of:

  • Due to the interlocking of the grains the structural resistance of the movement of the soil is very essential.
  • An other important component is the frictional resistance between the individual soil grains at their contact point on sliding.
  • The resistance due to the forces which hold the particles together or the cohesion.
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