Finite element method of slope stability analysis

Thursday, September 22, 2011 7:54
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Finite element method of slope stability analysis:

The specialty of Finite element method is that it is more rigorous and used extensively in more complex problems. This method is useful where significantly different materials are used in slopes where the probable movement of the soil mass occurs. This method also takes into account the deformations.

                FOS <= 1              stability questionable or limiting equilibrium case

                FOS of 1 to 1.3   satisfactory for cuts and fills

                FOS >= 1.5           acceptable for earth dams

The different methods of this category are differentiated by:

a)      Those assumptions which make the problem determinate.

b)      The equilibrium conditions that are to be satisfied.

Practically most of the engineers prefer the methods of group A and, therefore, our further concern will be restricted to these methods only.

These methods can be divided as:

  • For non-cohesive soil.
  • For Cohesive soils, untrained saturated clays.
  • For the mixture of both or in partially saturated clays.
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