Definition of Surface stabilization | Mechanical and Physical stabilization

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 17:40
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Surface stabilization may be defined as

 “ The improvement process under the situation when the soil is used as a construction material, the improvement influenced zone is limited to about a depth of about less than or equal to 1 meter, is known as surface stabilization”

Surface stabilization methods:

Following are some of the methods to stabilize the surface of the site.

  • Mechanical stabilization.
  • Physical stabilization.
  • Chemical stabilization.
  • Physio-chemical stabilization.
  • Mechanical stabilization (surface compaction):

If mechanical energy is used to improve the quality of soil mass then this type of technique is known as mechanical stabilization or the compaction. In the construction of embankments of roads, levees, railways, dams etc in these facilities usually road rollers, vibrator plates, and tampers are used for the purpose of compaction. The degree of the improvement and the type of soil to be compacted determines the type of the roller or tamper to be used.

  • Physical stabilization:

In this method two or three types of soil are mixed together to improve the physical properties of the soil. This improves the gradation of the mixture to well graded material. This technique is usually preferable in the construction of roads where we may encounter more than one type of soil.

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