Bearing Capacity from Standard Penetration Test

Sunday, August 28, 2011 12:54
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Bearing Capacity from field test other than plate load test:

Bearing Capacity from Standard Penetration Test:

At shallow depths usually a very narrow footing is placed, in general we control the bearing capacity of the cohesion soil by settlement rather than shear failure. The relationship between the bearing capacity and the SPT for a maximum settlement of 25 mm (1’’) was published by terzaghi and peck in 1967. It was further modified by many researchers and their co-workers after that. Among these modifications some of the modifications were made by Meyerhof from 1956 to 1974. Some modifications were made by Teng in 1962 and some were made by other researchers. There are some relations which were proposed by Bowle in 1988.

  • Boweles (1988)

Qa = 20 N Kd

Qa = 12.5 N ((B + 0.3) / B)2

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