Introduction to ground improvement techniques

Monday, October 10, 2011 21:30
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Introduction to ground improvement techniques:

Ground improvement may be defined as

“The process in which in-situ soils are improved for the suppot of the foundations in known as ground improvement”.

In the early times before the advancement in the geotechnical engineering, the only chance for the foundation engineers was to design the foundation matching to the sub soil conditions at the provided site. But now a day due to the improvements in geotechnical techniques and with the help of latest technology it is possible for us to modify the weak foundation soil to the strength and compressibility characteristics to suit the foundation of our choice. Thus these geotechnical processes of improving the quality of the foundation soil to our desired quality are called as ground improving techniques. The changes made through thee process are permanent and are not effected with the passage of time or due to change in the weathering condition. The main objective of these processes is to increase the density and shear strength parameters and to decrease the compressibility, permeability and the settlement, which makes the soil more water resistant, durable and stable.

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