Definition of Consistency of Soil | Consitancy Limits or Atterberg Limits

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 23:00
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Consistency of soil :

The term consistency of soil may be defined as ” the resistance to deformation or firmness of fine-grained soils.”

This term is specifically use for fine grained soils.

Consistency Limits (Atterberg limits) :

Consistency Limits may be defined as ” The moisture contents of a soil at the points where it passes from one stage to the next are called consistency limits or Atterberg limits.”

Atterberg found that the consistency of fine-grained soils greatly influenced by the amount of water content present in these soils. He observed that if the water content of the soil water suspension is decreased, then the soil water suspension will change from liquid state to plastic solid and finally to solid state.

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