Conditions for efficieny of planning an exploration

Sunday, October 9, 2011 13:03
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For planning an investigation, program or plan must specifically contain the following.

  • Amount and extent of exploration.
  • Method of exploration.
  • Sampling method.
  • Laboratory testing program.
  • In-situ test.
  • Recording field data.
  • Time and cost of exploration.
  • Amount and extent of exploration:

It is essentially required that the program should clearly provide the no. of boring or test pits and the maximum extent of exploration. For this purpose, the visit to the site if done carefully is very important because it needs the background information of the site and if a reconnaissance visit is made it is more likely to be preferable.

  • Exploration techniques:

Now after making a reconnaissance visit of the site and collecting the critical reviews of the background data of the site, our programme should suggest the possible technique of investigation which is most suitable for the present conditions of the site under consideration. If it is required then the selected exploration programme is split up into following phases.

  • Phase 1 , it contains the reviews about the background data of the site and the reconnaissance
  • Phase 2, it contains preliminary exploration of site.
  • Phase 3, Detailed exploration.
  • Phase 4, post construction exploration.
  • Sampling method:

It should be specified in the programme that which type of sampler we want to use.  Some other procedures like labeling, packing, transporting etc. of the samples of the site should also be described by the programme.

  • Laboratory testing program:

A no. of laboratory tests are performed in order to complete an investigation. The no. of laboratory tests and the type of laboratory test that are performed during a investigation should be mentioned in the programme. In order to determine the physical characteristics, chemical characteristics, and the engineering characteristics of the major subsoil strata and GWT faced within the depth of investigation, sufficient tests should be mentioned in the programm.

  • In situ test:

In order to determine the adequate design for the work a no. of in situ tests are performed for collecting the essential information, the no. and type of in situ test performed should be mentioned.

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