Characteristics of steel bars in Reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C.)

Monday, August 28, 2017 22:47
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Characteristics of steel bars in Reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C.)

Reinforced cement concrete may be defined as the

Type of concrete in which steel bars are provided to provide tensile strength to the concrete. 

Following are the characteristics of steel bars in Reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C.)

  1. Steel reinforcing bars should be of mild steel or deformed steel of standard specifications.
  2. Steel bars should be free from corrosion, oil, grease, paint etc.
  3. Steel bars should be round and capable of being bent without any fracture.
  4. Bars should be hooked and bent accurately.
  5. Bars should be placed accurately according to design and drawing given by consultant.
  6. Bars should be bound by 20  S.W.G. annealed steel wire at the point of intersection of bars.
  7. Bars should be bent by applying gradual and even motion.
  8. Bars of 40 mm or 1.5 inch diameter and above may be bent by heating to dull red and then allowed to cool slowly without dipping it in water.
  9. Joints in bars should be avoided as far as possible.
  10. If not possible, then an overlap of 40 times the diameter of the bar should be provided with proper hooks at ends
  11. Joints should be staggered.
  12. Bars of bigger diameter should be joint with welding and tested before placing in position.
  13. During laying and compacting of concrete, reinforcing bars should not move from their position.
  14. Steel bars of laid portions should not disturbed.
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