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Thursday, August 6, 2015 9:25
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Environmental Design

Environmental design in buildings is the study of the way in which a person’s physical and psychological behavior can be affected by his/her environment. It refers to the factors which contribute towards the comfort of the human environment such as heating, cooling lighting and air quality.

Today the term environmental design if often associated with issues pertaining to the green movement, ecological concerns and sustainability. Green movement, ecological concerns or sustainability refers to our concerns with the ways in which our environment is being damaged by humans through the depletion of natural resources, pollution and production of gases. Those gases which contribute to the green house effect and thinning of ozone layer. Many believe that our environment is going towards environmental catastrophe. To sustain the planet we must take notice of the destruction caused by the humans.

What benefits can a good environmental design give ?

Environmental design takes an interdisciplinary approach, by mixing technical knowledge with the philosophical issues. It is through sensitive consideration of the design of cities and landscapes that we will create places that respond to both psychological and health needs of the humanity. Good environmental design can generate economic development.


Environment is a word which can have several definitions. In its broadest sense, environment refers to one’s surroundings both natural and man made. Natural surroundings such as landscape, sky, trees etc. and man made surrounding refer to structures and buildings both interior and exterior.

The set of circumstances or conditions in which a person or community lives, works, develops etc,. or a thing exists or operates.

The external conditions affecting the life of a plant or animal.


Any step which is being taken while considering or concerning with the conservation of the environment; not harmful to the environment.


A person who is concerned about or seeks to protect the environment especially from pollution.

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