Energy Considerations in a Steady Flow

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 15:24
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Whenever Fluid is moving in a certain pipe line then the fluid must contain certain energy. The energy sustain by the fluids are following.

  1. Kinetic Energy.
  2. Potential Energy.
  3. Pressure Energy.

Kinetic Energy :

Energy in a body due to its motion is known as kinetic energy.

A body of mass m is moving with velocity v possesses a kinetic energy,

KE= ½ (mv2)

We know that w= mg

So m=w/g

By putting this value in equation KE= ½ (mv2).

We get KE= wv2/2g.

Potential Energy :

The energy of the fluid particles due to position or elevation of the fluid from the datum is known as potential energy.

P.E= mgh

we know the w=mg

So P.E=wz

Where z is the elevation of the fluid from the datum.

Pressure Energy:

The energy of the fluid particles  due to pressure existing in the pipeline is called pressure energy.


Where p is the pressure, w is the weight of the fluid and γ is the specific weight of the fluid.

Total Energy :

The Total energy carried by the fluid particles in a pipeline will be considered as total energy of the fluid. Total energy will be the sum of all the above described energies.

T.E=k.E+ P.E+ Pressure Energy

T.E=wv2/2g +wz+pw/γ

T.E=w(v2/2g +z+p/γ)

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    March 20th, 2017 at 11:20 am

    Please give me a suitable examples of steady and unsteady flow in numerical terms
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