Definition of Formwork or Shuttering | How it is provided ?

Monday, August 7, 2017 20:34
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Formwork or Shuttering

Formwork or shuttering may be defined as the set of forms provided to keep the concrete in position until it sets.

How formwork or shuttering is provided ?

  1. Formwork or shuttering is provided as per standard specifications.
  2. Inner surface of the shuttering plates should be oiled to prevent concrete sticking to it.
  3. Before concrete is laid, Base and formwork should be watered by sprinkling water over its surface.
  4. In general, shuttering should not be removed before 14 days.
  5.  4 days for R.C.C. columns, 10 days for roof slab, and 14 days for beams.
  6. However sides can be removed after 3 days of concreting.
  7. Shuttering should be removed slowly and carefully without disturbing and damaging concrete.
  8. Centering and shuttering should be made with timber or steel plate.
  9. These plates should be close and tight to prevent any leakage of concrete.
  10. Gap between these plates should be filled with necessary props, bracings and wedges.
  11. Formwork should be sufficiently strong and stable enough and should not yield on laying concrete.
  12. They should be removed gradually without disturbing the concrete.
  13. A coat of oil should be applied or paper should be spread to have a smooth and finished surface.
  14. Oil is applied to prevent adherence of concrete.
  15. For slab and beam, small camber should be given in centering.
  16. For example, for 2.5 meter or 10 feet. 1 cm or half inch camber should be provided with the maximum of 4 cm or 1.5 inch.
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