Requirements or Qualities of a good partition wall

Saturday, March 19, 2011 11:43
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Qualities of a good partition wall:

A good partition wall must fulfil the following requirements.

  • It should be thin so that the maximum floor area can be utilized.
  • It should provide privacy in such a way that inhabitants feel comfortable with respect to sight and sound.
  • It should be light in weight.
  • The wall must have fire resisting properties so that in a sudden short circuit or any other reason, it could not catches fire.
  • The material used for the wall must be durable.
  • It should not be subjected to white-ant or fungus. White ant* or termite is a small insect which feeds on wood .
  • It should be economical and simple in construction.
  • It should be rigid enough to bear the vibrations caused due to the loads.
  • It should be able to support sanitary fittings and heavy fixtures**.

Fixture** :

1-A piece of equipment or furniture which is fixed in position.

2-(fixtures) articles attached to a house or land and considered legally part of it so that they remain in place when an owner moves.

Reference: Pocket oxford English dictionary 9e

White ant*

Reference: Pocket oxford English dictionary 9e

Article Reference:

Building Construction (in SI Units) by N.L.Arora and B.R.Gupta

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