Benefits and Phases of Irrigation Engineering

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 15:34
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Benefits of Irrigation engineering

  1. Planning and designing of efficient and low cost irrigation system.
  2. Controlling the various natural resources of the water by constructing dams, reservoirs, canals, head works. Then distribute this water to the agricultural fields.
  3. The drainage of the water logged areas.
  4. Water logging is the rise in water table. The water from the water logging areas is drained out with the help of tube wells which are used to suck water and are called as Scarfs.

Phases of irrigation engineering

Irrigation engineering consists of four phases.

  1. Storage through reservoirs or dams or diversion through barrages.
  2. Conveyance of irrigation water with the help of canals.
  3. Distribution of water through water courses. Application of water through different methods such as furrow, flooding and sprinkling.
  4. Drainage of excessive water through drains.

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