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Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are means of warning, regulating and informing the drivers.

Material for traffic signs

Material should be such that

  1. Which does not lost its color often.
  2. Rust resistant.
  3. Usually a sheet metal which is protected by a coating of some rust resisting material is used.
  4. Nuts, bolts are all galvanized.

Types of signs

Traffic signs are of three types.

  1. Warning signs.
  2. Mandatory signs.
  3. Informative signs.

Warning signs

Warning signs call the attention of the driver to some approaching hazard. For example;

  1. Level crossing.
  2. Road functions.
  3. Narrow bridges.
  4. Sharp curves.
  5. Bends.
  6. U-turns.

Mandatory signs

These are regulatory signs or prohibitory signs enforced by the law. For example

  1. Speed limit.
  2. No parking.
  3. No blowing horns.

Non observance of these signs constitute as penal offence, crime punishable under law. Such a sign is called mandatory sign.

Informative signs

These are the signs which convey some sort of information to the drivers. For example;

  1. Sign showing the location of gasoline pump.
  2. Bus stops.
  3. Distance of cities.
  4. Rest houses.
  5. Motels etc.

They are not mandatory signs, and there is no prosecution if we ignore these signs.

Placement of traffic signs on roads

Warning and mandatory signs should be installed 5 feet above the road way and at a distance of 6′-12′ from the edge of the pavement. The distance of sign from hazard for a high speed highway is 1500 feet.

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