Traffic controlling devices | What are pavement markings

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 14:37
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Traffic controlling devices

The devices which are used to control and regulate the flow of traffic are called traffic controlling devices.

These are of three types:

  1. Pavement markings.
  2. Traffic signs.
  3. Traffic signals.

Pavement markings

Pavement markings are in the form of bands or strips of paints, which are physically drawn on the pavement.


  1. Pavement markings are used to mark the center line of the road in case of 2 lane highway.
  2. To make the pavement and shoulder distinct by means of shoulder lines drawn at the pavement edges.
  3. To make lane boundaries for multi lane highway.
  4. To make cross walks for pedestrians.
  5. To make stop lines at the road surface close to signals.
  6. Turning movement.
  7. These are used in parking places where parking is permitted.
  8. These are used in no passing zones. These are the areas where we do not over take i.e, on steep curve, on narrow bridge continuous line is drawn there.

Width of paint line = 4 inches.

Length of paint line = 10 feet dashes separated by 30 feet spaces.


Yellow for distinguish one surface to other, white for controlling.

Cat’s eyes or reflectors

Sometimes we use rays reflectors or cat’s eyes instead of paint lines. These are illuminated by head lights and they are raised less than 1 inches from the surface. It warns the inattentive driver as the driver feels the jerk when passes over it.

Below is the picture of cat’s eyes along with pavement marking on the road.

cat's eyes along with pavement markings

Cat’s eyes along with pavement markings

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