Definition of Side sway | Causes of side sway | How it is prevented

Sunday, September 2, 2012 11:54
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Side sway 

Side sway may be defined as

Any appreciable lateral or side-ward movement of top of a vertical member relative to its bottom is called side sway, sway or lateral drift.

Causes of side sway

It can takes place due to following causes

  • Length of different columns in a frame structure is different.
  • Sections of columns having different cross sectional properties. For example if moment of inertia of one vertical member is different from the other.
  • Due to un-symmetrical loading.
  • Lateral loads are acting.

How it is prevented ?

Side sway may be prevented in a frame by:

  • Providing shear or partition walls.
  • Fixing the top of frame with adjoining rigid structures.
  • Provision of properly designed shear walls act as backbone of the structure and reducing the lateral deflections.
  • Provision of lateral bracing which may be diagonal bracing or longitudinal bracing.

Reference : Steel structures by Zahid Ahmad siddiqi and Muhammad ashraf


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