Local buckling | Flange and web local buckling

Thursday, September 6, 2012 15:00
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Local Buckling

If individual parts or plate elements buckle, without overall buckling of the member, this is known as local buckling or local instability.

  • Width/thickness ratio of each part gives the slenderness ratio of the element. This ratio controls local instability.
  • It should never be allowed before overall buckling of the structure except in few cases like web of a plate girder.

Flange local buckling

If width over thickness ratio of the compression flange is greater than a certain limit, flange can buckle locally. This is known as flange local buckling.

Web local buckling

If depth over thickness ratio of the web is greater than a certain limit, it can locally buckle or cripple under compression. 

  • Web local buckling occurs in a diagonal position and is produced by the diagonal compression existing in the web due to shear.
  • Web crippling occurs due to local compression transferred by the flange to the connecting portions of web.

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