Advantages and disadvantages of Using Allowable stress design

Friday, August 10, 2012 15:50
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  • Advantages of Using Allowable stress design method

Following are some advantages of Allowable stress design method

  1. Elastic analysis for loads become compatible for design.
  2. Old famous books are according to this method.
  3. Experienced engineers are used to this method.
  4. In past it was the only method for design purposes.
  5. This method is included in AISC-05 specifications as an alternate method.
  • Disadvantages of Using Allowable stress design method
  1. Latest research and literature is very limited.
  2. Same factor of safety is used for different loads.
  3. Failure mode is not directly predicted.
  4. With some overloading, the material stresses increase but do not go to collapse.
  5. The failure mode can not be observed.
  6. The warning before failure cannot be studied precisely.
  7. Results cannot be compared with experimental tests up to collapse.

Reference : Steel structures by Zahid Ahmad siddiqi and Muhammad ashraf

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