Swedish Curl Method for the analysis of cohesive soil

Thursday, September 22, 2011 8:07
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Swedish Curl Method for the analysis of the cohesive soil:

Different methods for the analysis of the cohesive soil were developed, one of them was developed by a French engineer named Collin in 1850, and later on a Swedish engineer named K.E. Peterson developed another method. This method is known as Swedish Curl Method.

Assumptions upon which Swedish Curl Method is based:

These are some of the assumptions upon which the method was based:

  • Assume the failure plane to be a circular arc.
  • All the plain strain conditions apply.
  • It is assumed that sheer strength along all the failure planes is assumed to be uniformly distributed.
  • It is assumed that forces between slices including pore pressure forces produce zero momentum about O.

In case of temporary slopes, analysis is based upon the parameters of the total untrained sheer strength. For the estimation of unit cohesion of the soil a simple unconfined compression strength test is performed.  This test is very effectively used at the sites having cohesive soil.

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