Remedies of slope stability

Friday, September 23, 2011 19:11
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Remedies of slope stability

Remedies of slope stability or protection work is required to maintain the slope stability due to causes  described in the last article. Some of these remedies are provided below:

Geometry of the slope

The first way is by changing the geometry of the slope in order to reduce the driving force. This can be done by following ways

  • By flattening the slope.
  • By providing benching.
  • By decreasing the height of the slope
  • By providing the counter weight using berm.

Seepage and Ground Water Control

  • By providing the network of surface and sub surface drains.
  • An other way of reducing it is by providing surface protection this may be done by stone pitching or rip rap etc. An other effective way of reducing the surface erosion is by growing vegetation.

Retaining Structures

  • By constructing retaining wall near the toe of the slope.
  • Near the toes installing vertical piles.
  • By using earth or rock anchors.
  • By the use of reined force earth.
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