Factors affecting slope stability | Causes of Slope Failure

Thursday, May 3, 2012 16:32
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Factors affecting slope stability

Slope stability is affected by the following factors.

  • Strength of soil and rock.
  • Type of soil and stratification.
  • Discontinuities and planes of weakness.
  • Groundwater table and seepage through the slope.
  • External loading.
  • Geometry of the slope.

Causes of slope failure

Following are different causes of slope failure.

  • Erosion.
  • Rainfall.
  • Earthquakes.
  • Geological factors.
  • External loading.
  • Construction activities such as excavation of slopes and filling of slopes.
  • Rapid drawdown*.
  • Increment of pore water pressure.
  • The change in topography.

 *Drawdown : a lowering of water level.

Methods to improve and protect slope stability

Slope stability can be improved by taking following actions.

  • Slopes are made flattened or benched.
  • Weight provided at toe.
  • Lowering of ground water table to reduce pore pressure in the slope.
  • Use of driven or cast-in place piles.
  • Retaining wall or sheet piling provided to increase resistance to sliding.
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4 Responses to “Factors affecting slope stability | Causes of Slope Failure”

  1. SKABANA.SKB says:

    March 12th, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    does climate have any effect on slope stability?

  2. admin says:

    March 12th, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    Obviously climate have effect on slope stability. Climatic factors such as rainfall causes slope failure and affecting slope stability.

  3. adro_mey says:

    May 23rd, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    hye..i wish someone may help me answering this..what is the meaning of geological factor affecting existing/natural slope..anybody?..admin?

  4. Pierre's says:

    September 25th, 2016 at 3:34 am


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