Definition of Unrestrained slope | Slope Stability analysis

Thursday, May 3, 2012 5:54
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Slope stability analysis

To check the safety of natural slopes, slopes of excavations and compacted embankments, calculations are made to determine the shear stresses developed along the most likely rupture surface and compare it with the shear strength of the soil. This process is called slope stability analysis.

  • The most likely rupture surface is the critical surface that has the minimum factor of safety.
  • The stability analysis of a slope is difficult to perform. To determine soil stratification and its in-place shear strength may prove to be a threatening task. Seepage through the slope and the choice of potential slip surface add to the complexity of the problem.

Unrestrained slope

An exposed ground surface that stands at an angle with the horizontal is called an unrestrained slope.

  •  Slopes can be natural or man made.
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