Definition of Secondary Compression settlement | Distortion settlement

Saturday, January 14, 2012 19:11
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  • Secondary Compression settlement:

It may be defined as

” The settlement occurs due to the particle reorientation, creep and decomposition of organic materials is known as secondary compression settlement”

It does not require the expulsion of pore water. It can be significant in highly plastic clays, soils containing organic matter and sanitary landfills. It is negligible in sands and gravels. Change in vertical effective stress is not required for secondary compression settlement.

  • Distortion settlement :

It may be defined as

” The settlement occurs due to lateral movement of soil in response to change in vertical effective stress is known as distortion settlement.”

It is also known as undrained, elastic or immediate settlement.

These movements occur when the load is confined to a smaller area, such as structural foundation.

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