Control testing to assess the degree of improvement

Monday, October 17, 2011 23:57
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Control testing:

Control testing is basically the process of continuous monitoring. It is done to assess the degree of improvement achieved. It has the following three types:

  • Production control.
  • Environmental control.
  • Specification control.

Production control:

Production control deals with the aspects of assurance of quality; it includes logging the impacts, survey of the elevation of the working place, and while performing in-situ geotechnical tests it monitors the changes occurring in the soil characteristics. The geo technical tests used in the process are:

  • PMT
  • SPT
  • CPT
  • PLT
  • Pore pressure measurement.
  • Evaluation of surface settlement.
  • Field vane shear test.
  • Dilatometer testing.

Environmental control:

It the analysis of the intensity of the ground levels vibrations that might be produced during the compaction process. A survey is made to analyses the boundaries in order to save the adjacent structures from tamping operation of the compaction process. Many instruments are designed for potential movement and the deformation which are used for this purpose.

Specification control:

Specification control certifies that weather the objective is achieved or not, carried out after treatment.

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