Source of obtaining bearing capacity values | Advantages of code values

Sunday, August 28, 2011 11:09
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Source of obtaining bearing capacity values:

There are many sources of obtaining bearing capacity values which are as follow

  • Building codes
  • Official regulations
  • Civil engineering handbooks
  • Soil load test
  • Laboratory tests
  • Analytical methods

Building codes:

Bearing codes are actually tabulated form of bearing capacity values for various soil types. These values are not ordinary values these are based on the observation of many years made by many people. So they are very important.

Advantages of code values:

  1. The best advantage of these values is that they are readily available and economical, that is why they are used for preliminary designs.
  2. In our usual work or in case of small jobs in the areas whose values are listed, the final designs of the projects usually depend upon the values.
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