Purposes and objectives of site investigation

Sunday, October 2, 2011 19:40
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Purposes and objectives of site investigation:

The main purpose of site investigation is to determine the stratigraphy of the site. In other words the determination of the sequence of different strata, or the position of the groundwater and its fluctuation limits. It is use for finding the location and determining any undesired underground anomaly. In the zone of our interest the determination of the characteristic of the subsoil and the ground water table (GWT) can also be determined by using site investigation. Thus we can say that the site investigation tells us about the subsurface conditions.

Following are some of the primary objectives of the site investigation :

  • To determine the thickness of the strata, and to assess sequentially.
  • To determine the quality of the bedrock and to verify the depth of the over burdening soil.
  • To determine the position limit and the fluctuations of the ground water table during dry or wet seasons.
  • To search the anomalies within the depth of exploration to estimate the characteristics of rock, ground water table and subsoil.
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