Pressuremeter test ( PMT )

Sunday, October 9, 2011 12:31
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  • Pressuremeter test (pmt):

In 1956 scientist named Menard developed a method of testing named as pressuremeter test ( PMT ). This test is carried by means of cylindrical expandable probes carried out in a bore hole. It is a in situ test. This probe is inserted into the boring and by pumping in the fluid it is inflated against the walls of the bore hole, and thus the volume and the pressure of the fluid are recorded continuously. From the graphical representation of the change in volume against the pressure , it is possible for us to calculate the shear strength and the stress characteristics or strain characteristics of the soil sample. The other part of pressuremeter is read out unit, it resets on the ground surface. In a original Menard’s type presuremeter the pressure is kept constant and in order to do this the volume increases, this increase in volume is measured and form volume pressure graph, we can find the shear strength.

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