Planning an investigation | Conditions for efficieny of planning

Sunday, October 9, 2011 12:40
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Planning an investigation:

Planning an investigation is basically the first step of investigating a site. The main aim of launching a planning of investigating a site to collect the important and required data regarding the physical conditions such as stratigraphy which involves surface and subsurface conditions of the site, which are the basic necessity for the design and construction of a new facility, it may also be used for finding the cause of distress or for developing the remedies for the previously existing facility. A program should be planned effectively, and the efficiency of the plan is in obtaining maximum information about the surface and subsurface conditions of the site within minimum possible time at a minimum possible cost.

For achieving this a investigation program must specifically contain the following.

  • Amount and extent of exploration.
  • Method of exploration.
  • Sampling method.
  • Laboratory testing program.
  • In-situ test.
  • Recording field data
  • Time and cost of exploration
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