Introduction to geotechnical investigation | Purpose of soil exploration

Sunday, October 2, 2011 19:13
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Introduction to geotechnical investigation:

The two basic and very essential requirements for the construction and design of a civil engineering project are topographic surveys and the investigation of the site of the project. We perform topographic surveys in order to gather information about the surface feature of the ground of the site or in simpler words the surface conditions of the site. The other one, the site investigation is performed in order to gather data about the subsoil conditions of the soil. It is also known as soil exploration. It is the first most important step in a design foundation.

Usually soil exploration is needed for:

  • The planning and constructing the new projects.
  • It is also used to investigate the reasons of the failure of the previous facility and what remedial processes can be executed on it.
  • It is also used to calculate the exact measurements of the construction material such as sand, concrete, clay gravel etc.
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