Introduction to bearing Capacity | Conditions for satisfactory foundation System and Factors

Sunday, August 28, 2011 10:59
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Introduction to bearing Capacity:

In our daily life we encounter many civil engineering structures like building, pavements, dams, airports, roads, Bridges, docs, harbors etc. Almost all of them are supported by soil and usually their loadings are also carried by soil. So the stability of the structures is largely dependant on the supporting soil and the structural elements transferring the load to the soil beneath. And thus they are really very important.

For a satisfactory foundation system there are few conditions which must fulfill two criteria at a time independently.

  1. No sheer failure should occur
  2. No excessive settlement

Both of the criteria depends upon the following factors which are

  • Shape of foundation
  • Size of foundation
  • Depth of the foundation below the surface
  • Properties of soil beneath the foundation
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