Amount of exploration | determination of extent of investigation

Friday, October 7, 2011 20:47
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Amount of exploration:

Amount of exploration is basically the determination of extent of investigation. It includes the determination of number, location, the depth of the open excavation (pits, tranches, shafts, etc)  and the soundings/borings. There are many factors on which the extent of exploration is dependent. Some of them are major which are discussed below:

  • The condition of the site which include variability of soil or rock strata and the depth of the GWT.
  • The type or nature of the project and its extent (building, highways, dams etc.)
  • The calculation of available time, provided funding and the equipments of exploration.

There are a number of test locations for different depths of investigation. There are two types of layouts which are used to describe the extent or amount of exploration. These layouts are useful in exploring site names are:

  • Boring layouts
  • Boring depths
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