Selecting a research design | Main functions of a research design

Sunday, August 23, 2015 1:09
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Conceptualising a research design

An extremely important feature of research is the use of scientific methods. Research process involves systematic, controlled, valid and carefully established associations and causes that permit similar outcomes under the given set of conditions.

Research process also involves

  1. identifying gaps in knowledge.
  2. verification of what is already known.
  3. Identification of past errors and limitations.

The validity of what you find largely rest on how it was found.

Main function of research design

  • Main function of research design is to explain how you will find the answers to a research problem.
  • The research design sets out the logic of your inquiry.

The research design should include the following:

  • The study design.
  • Logistical arrangements that you suppose to undertake.
  • Measurement procedures.
  • Sampling strategy.
  • Frame of analysis and time frame.

For any inquiry, the selection of an appropriate research design enable you to arrive at valid findings. A faulty design will result in misleading findings and is therefore wasting human and financial resources.

When selecting a research design it is important to ensure that:

  • It is valid workable, and manageable.

There are number of study designs. You need to be equipped with the most common ones. Select or develop the design that is most suited to your study. You must have strong reasons for selecting a particular design. You must be aware of its weaknesses and limitations.

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