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Writing a research proposal

Before writing a research proposal, you have done all the preparatory work. Next put everything together in a way that provides adequate information. This will give information about your research report to your research supervisor and others.

This overall plan tells a reader about your research problem and how you are planning to investigate, and is called a research proposal.

The main function of research proposal is to detail the operational plan for obtaining answers to your research questions. It ensures readers of the validity of methodology adopted to obtain answers.

Universities and other institutions may have different requirements about the contents of research proposal. Requirements may also vary within an institution, from discipline to discipline or from supervisor to supervisor.

A research proposal may tell you, your supervisor and the reader the following things:

  1. What are you proposing to do.
  2. How you plan to proceed.
  3. Why you selected the proposed strategy.

A research proposal must contain following information about your study.

  1. A statement of the objectives of the study.
  2. a list of hypothesis, if you are testing any.
  3. the study design you are proposing to use.
  4. the setting for your study.
  5. the research tool you are planning to use.
  6. information on sample size and sampling design.
  7. information on data processing procedures.
  8. an outline of the proposed chapters of the report.
  9. the study problems and limitations.
  10. the proposed time frame.
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