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Definition of Research

Research may  be defined as

Careful study that is done to find and report new knowledge about something and to find out answers to a question.

The activity of getting knowledge about a subject.

When you say you are doing a research then you are implying that the process:

  1. is being undertaken within a framework of a set of philosophies.
  2. Uses procedure, methods and techniques that have been tested for their validity and reliability.
  3. is designed to be unbiased and objective.

Philosophical orientation

Your philosophical orientation may come from one of the two Ideas in research:

  • Positivism
  • Naturalism
  • And the academic discipline in which you are trained.

Definition of Positivism

A theory that theology and metaphysics are earlier imperfect modes of knowledge and that positive and knowledge is based on natural phenomenon, their properties and relations as verified by the empirical sciences.

Definition of Naturalism

A theory denying that an event or object has a super natural significance.

Or we can say that the art of understanding people and things just like they are.

Validity and Reliability

Concept of validity is applied to any aspect of research process. It ensures that in a research process, correct methods have been used to find out answers to a question. Reliability refers to the quality of the measurement procedure or method.

Unbiased and Objective

Unbiased and objective means that you have taken research and drawn each conclusion to the best of your ability. Unbiased also means that you have not  introduced your own interest.

Subjectivity is another thing. There is a difference between Subjectivity and bias.

Subjectivity is based on your knowledge about your field and your skills. Knowledge that you gain with your educational background and experience. Subjectivity is an integral part of your way of thinking.

Bias, on the other hand, is a deliberate attempt to either conceal or show something you want.

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