Procedure of structural design | Preliminary structural configuration

Monday, September 12, 2011 10:33
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Procedure of structural design:

Structural design is said to be a uniform arrangement of the structural members and their sizes as well.

Purpose of structural design:

The purpose of structural design is to carry factored or service loads without any risk or danger.

Structural designer:

The person who designs it is known as structural designer.

Following steps are required to completely design the structure

  • Layout of building
  • Structural study
  • Load calculations
  • Study of strains and slopes deflection
  • Design of members such as beam
  • Design of connections
  • Drawings


The various functions executed by structural members and their design is known as planning.

Preliminary structural configuration:

Arrangement and study of various structural members made for the very first time is known as preliminary structural configuration.

Inspection method is used for the selection of member sizes.


Loads are considered and load carried by each member is estimated.

Analysis and its evaluation are also done.

Optimum design is also made for design of structures.

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