Base Course and Sub Base Course of Rigid Pavement

Friday, October 4, 2013 18:59
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Sub Base Course of Rigid Pavement

This is the layer (or layers) under the base layer. The properties and function of this layer are similar to those under flexible roads/pavements. A sub-base is not always needed and therefore may often be omitted.

typical detail of road section base course rigid pavement

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Base Course of Rigid Pavement

This is the layer directly below the PCC layer and generally consists of aggregate or stabilized sub-grade.

  • It provides additional load distribution, contributes to drainage, uniform support to the pavement and a stable platform for construction equipment.
  • Bases also help prevent sub grade soil movement due to slab pumping.

Base courses are usually constructed out of

  1. Aggregate base.
  2. Stabilized aggregate or soil.
  3. Dense-graded Hot Mix Asphalt.
  4. Lean concrete.
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