Definition of Road or Pavement

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 9:41
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Definition of Road or Pavement

Pavement or Road is an open, generally public way for the passage of vehicles, people, and animals.

Pavement is Finished with a hard smooth surface. It helped make them durable and able to withstand traffic and the environment. They have a life span of between 20 – 30 years.

Road pavements deteriorate over time due to

  1. The impact of traffic, particularly heavy vehicles.
  2. Environmental factors such as weather, pollution.


Many people rely on paved roads to move themselves and their products rapidly and reliably.


  1. One of the primary functions is load distribution. It can be characterized by the tire loads, tire configurations, repetition of loads, distribution of traffic across the pavement, and vehicle speed.
  2. Pavement material and geometric design can affect quick and efficient drainage. This eliminating moisture problems such as mud and ponding (puddles). Drainage system consists of:
  • Surface drainage : Removing all water present on the pavement surface, sloping, chambers, and kerbs.
  • Subsurface drainage : Removing water that seep into or is contained in the underlying sub-grade.
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