Definition of hydraulic similitude | Model and prototype

Monday, March 18, 2013 21:27
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Definition of hydraulic similitude

Hydraulic similitude is an indication of a relationship between a model and a prototype. Prototype in case of hydraulic similitude is hydraulic structure.


 It is a model study of a hydraulic structure.


A “model” is a representation of a physical system used to forecast the behavior of the system in some desired aspect.


The physical system for which the predictions are to be made is called “prototype”. Behavior of prototype is to be predict by studying model.

Model analysis is very frequently carried out before executing the design of any hydraulic structure. A model, if properly designed gives the actual performance of the prototype. With a small cost on model analysis, it is possible to save a lot of money which may be lost as a result of faulty design of prototype. Model analysis is always carried out for hydraulic structures like weirs, spillways, reservoirs, pumps, turbines and ships etc.

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