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Turbo machines :

All those machines in which there is a change in whirl or angular momentum are called turbo machines.

Types of Turbo machines 

There are two types of turbo machines.

  1. Turbines
  2. Pumps

Types of Turbines 

There are two types of turbines.

  • Impulse turbine
  • Reaction turbine

Types of pumps 

Pumps are of the following types.

  • Centrifugal pump
  • Reciprocating pump

Impulse Turbine 

An impulse turbine is a turbine which runs by the impulse of water.

In an impulse turbine, the water from a dam is made to flow through pipeline, and then through guide mechanism and finally through nozzles. In such a process the entire available energy of the water is converted into kinetic energy. Nozzles are kept close to the runner. When water passes through nozzles, then the water enters the running wheel in the form of jets. The jets have an impact on the buckets which are fixed to the outer periphery of the wheel.

The jet of water have a high impact on the buckets having high velocity, and after flowing over vanes, leaves with the low velocity. Thus imparting energy to the runner. The pressure of water at entering and leaving the vanes is atmospheric pressure.


impulse-turbine. Click on the image to enlarge


A textbook of hydraulics, fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines by R.S. Khurmi

What is Turbine 

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