Types of water supply | Continuous and intermittent supply

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 11:33
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Types of water supply in water distribution system

In a water distribution system the supply may be of two types.

  1. Continuous water supply
  2. Intermittent water supply
  • Continuous Supply

In this case water is available for 24 hours. So the system is always under pressure. So there is no chance of infilteration i.e, negative pressure cannot occur and as a result the quality of water is better. As the supply is continuous, so there is more consumption of water and less chances of contamination. If the supply of water is cut off for half an hour daily, then supply cannot be called as continuous supply.

  • Intermittent supply

In this case, water is supplied at regular intervals throughout the day. For example water may be supplied for a few hours in the morning and few hours in the evening. As it is not continuous supply so the consumption is less. Due to negative pressure, the quality of water is not so good compared to the case of continuous supply.

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